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Clin/Wash management developed the mission statement of:


“The mission of Clin/Wash Ag Services is to provide products and services to our patrons with RESPECT. Respect for them, their needs, and their profitability.”

Clin/Wash management adopted the motto of:

“…the practical choice.”

Both of these philosophies were developed in the beginning and Clin/Wash has not waivered from these.

At Clin/Wash AG Services, we constantly evaluate new ideas and products as we become aware of them. We take the originators claims and research the background. We then test the ideas on a small scale with a few local growers. As we determine the fit of the idea or product to our mission and motto, we promote them to the remainder of our clientele. We try to avoid the “here today, gone tomorrow” fad that only provides a profit to the originator.

Also, we offer propane delivery to homes, businesses, industrial buildings, and more. We have regularly scheduled routes that ensure your propane gets to you on time before you run out. Propane is a clean, safe, and powerful alternative to electricity. Furthermore, it’s much more energy efficient, which helps you save money on bills. We have financing plans available to make sure you and your family get the clean and efficient power source that you need. We can also provide propane on a smaller scale; bring your forklift or barbecue tanks in to be filled on-site.

You can trust you’re getting quality when you call us; we’re certified by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured company that strives to provide the best service at the most affordable of prices. We’ll accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for our work.

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